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  • What is  causing odor problems in my black and gray tanks?
    Odor problems are usually caused by the content that remains in the tanks. Get rid of the sludge and you get rid of the odor. The use of chemicals only masks the problem.
  • What is causing misreading problems on my tank sensors?
    Misreading problems can be caused by two things: 1) unclean tanks with sludge and paper hanging up on the sensors or 2) electrical problems with sensors or the control panel. However the problems are usually caused by dirty tanks.
  • Is the combining of different chemicals in my holding tank causing odors?
    Yes, the mixing of different chemicals can cause a reaction that generates odors.
  • How is the use of cheical treatments affecting our environment and the sewage treatment plants?
    Every time you dump your chemically-treated holding tanks, the waste must be treated by the local sewage treatment center. So you see, less chemicals make it easier to reclaim and recycle the water for our environment.
  • If I purchase a pre-owned RV, am I getting someone else's "foreign matter"?"
    Yes, because cleaning attachments and chemicals are not powerful enough to remove all foreign matter.
  • Is a tank replacement necessary if I have an odor or misreading problem that can't be solved with chemicals?
    No. Problems are usually caused by unclean tanks. A thorough Hydro-Jetting of thes tanks will solve the problem.
  • Do cleaning attahments that an RV'er can buy really work?
    In many cases attachments will help, but only if there is a minimal build up of foreign matter. Attachments to garden hoses usually operate at low pressure (40-50 psi).
  • How often should I give holding tanks a thorough Hydro-Jet cleaning?
    We recommend that the tanks be cleaned once a year to prevent build up problems. The best time is before storage or after extended use.
  • How long does the Hydro-Jet cleaning process take and do I need to leave my RV?
    The Hydro-Jet servicer is scheduled by appointment and can be completed in just an hour or two. There is no need to leave your RV.
  • How do I know all foreign matter is out of my tank?
    The customer can watch the process through clear pipe connections and observe when the water turns clear.

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As a retired Navy veteran and a full-time RV'er, I understand the importance of a properly maintained RV. During my travels I have become a Certified RV Technician and RV Inspector.  As I looked for a service to have my hoIding tanks cleaned due to inaccurate sensors, I came across All Pro Water Flow. This is a hydro-jet cleaning service of the black and gray tanks to remove odors, restore sensors, and take care of any flow issues. I am an authorized dealer for All Pro Water Flow to provide RV holding tank service.

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